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Monday 06/12/21:

Pressure through the week ahead will be largely dominated by low pressure, especially so through the fist half of the week with Storm Barra due on Tuesday. This will be a deep low and will bring wet and windy weather across the UK with hill snow possible. A general westerly flow will reside for much of the week and this will mean further showers or weather fronts passing west to east but with colder air more likely than milder, this will bring the risk of wintry weather across elevation in the north but some sleet/wet snow isn’t ruled out lower down at times.

Air temperatures at 5,000ft clearly linger below 0c for a period this week and will drop close to -5c which is where the wintry risk comes in so any precipitation through the week will have a wintry flavour to it. Values are forecast to rise across the weekend but there is enough of a spread at the moment for some uncertainty and they may not rise a great deal but enough to take the wintry element away.

The pressure animation below highlights the overall pattern well with low pressure (blue colours, green = deep low) dominant overall although later in the period high pressure tries to nudge in at times across the south.

The rainfall accumulation chart below for the next few days as you’d expect in a W’ly flow are showing large precipitation totals, especially across some western parts but plenty of precipitation is expected across the east too so you wont be immune here. Some of this precipitation accumulation will be of snow across higher routes across the north.


A mostly dry but cold start for many initially but Storm Barra will soon bring a spell of wet and windy weather across the UK. This rain will turn to snow across the hills and mountains across N England and Scotland with a sleety mix expected lower down, across the Midlands south it will be mostly of rain though.

A very windy day for many on Tuesday but later in the day the winds may increase further across the NE of the UK as well as the SW. Temperatures will range from 2c to 7c, cooler in the north but a tad milder across the south west, however given the strong winds there will be a significant wind chill with a sub zero feel for many.


Storm Barra will still be centred across central parts of the UK but will have weakened significantly. That being said it will still bring gusty winds across southern and northern parts of the UK with rain or showers likely too, the winds generally lighter where the low is centred but its here where the heaviest rain will be with wrap around occluded fronts bringing persistent rain at times across central parts of the UK.


A slacker flow is expected on Thursday and this may bring some mist and fog in places which will be stubborn to shift. Regardless of this there will be plenty of cloud likely across the UK which will be thick enough for some drizzle at times with only limited sunny spells likely at times, these mainly coming across parts of Scotland.

Later on in the day the next frontal system will shift in from the west bringing a spell of rain across western areas overnight, this producing some snow across the hills and mountains in the north.


The overnight front will shift across to the east bringing rain here but also some hill snow in the north. A westerly flow remains and as such further rain and showers will be likely across the west through the day, these often blustery too as the winds pick up. Brightening up in the east once the front clears away.


A brief ridge of high pressure will settled the weather down somewhat although a few showers are not ruled out here and there and there will be plenty of cloud around I’ve no doubt. Eyes turn to the west into the afternoon as the next frontal system closes in which will bring spells of rain later on in the day with this again wintry across higher routes in the north.