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Glastonbury festival weather forecast 2022

Glastonbury Festival Weather Forecast 2022

It’s that time of the year where thousands are wondering what the forecast will be for the 22nd June – 26th June. Glastonbury festival 2022 is soon here!

On this page you can find out the weather forecast for Glastonbury with in-depth details including current observations. Between now and Wednesday 22nd I will get an update out on this page showing what forecast models suggest for the Glastonbury festival dates.

Update 1: At the moment cooler/fresher conditions, although dry, are expected for the 22nd-24th with perhaps a warm up as we head towards the weekend schedule. The models suggests 18-21c for the Saturday and Sunday. Watch this space. Scroll down below for computer generated weather information for Glastonbury festival 2022. You may use this to plan your days as we nearer the start of Glastonbury festival 2022! Follow our Facebook page.

For the full line up/schedule click here.

Weather forecast for Glastonbury Festival