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Low pressure remains in charge across the United Kingdom, however, higher pressure developing from the south, especially later today and into tomorrow and the weekend period, settling the weather down.

Rain in the north today, especially parts of N/NW England to start the day with showers and at times longer spells of rain continuing for parts of Scotland.

A cloudy start in the west and north-west this morning with showers affecting parts of NW/W Scotland with some brightness in between showers. The best of the brightness across the east and south-east of the United Kingdom.

Certainly a different story for N Ireland, SW Scotland, NW England and N Wales with patchy rain moving into these regions. Some of the rain on the moderate side, especially for NW England and N England. This afternoon we see a brighter but showery regime continuing for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Come further south into N England and whilst we’ll see improving conditions for the extreme north of England, we’ll see more in the way of cloud cover further south, especially into Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and into more central areas, we’ll maintain the risk of patchy rain well into the afternoon period.

Thicker cloud will work its way in across the southern half of the United Kingdom in general, thick enough for the odd pocket of rain here and there, however, for the majority in the south it will remain a dry day.

Warm in the far south-east with highs ranging from 17-21c. Cooler in the north and west once again. Winds light to moderate from the W/WSW. Gusty for northern and western areas. That’s today’s forecast. Have a great day whatever the weather.