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Higher pressure across the southern half of the United Kingdom. Slightly lower in the north with showers continuing for Scotland.

Dry England and Wales, warmer in the south and south-east.

This weekend we’ll see generally settled conditions to start, especially for England and Wales. Saturday and into Sunday sees northerly winds developing with a shower risk, especially across northern areas. Cooler.

A bright start to the day for much of England and Wales with some variable cloud cover here and there in the west and north-west. Showers continue this morning in Scotland, some of these moderate to heavy at times.

Today’s weather is rather simple. We’ll see a drier and warmer south with a cooler north and the continued risk of showers in Scotland where pressure is slightly lower.

Some variable amounts of cloud cover at times for some parts of Northern England but for the majority of England and Wales it will be a dry and bright day with winds becoming light thanks to high pressure. The outside chance of a light shower in the far north of England.

Winds light from the north-west, especially across the south. Fresher in the north and north-west to start. Today’s temperatures ranging from 17-21c in the south and south-east. Cooler in the west and north.

Have a great day, whatever the weather.