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As we continue to progress through the year, attention quickly turns to the potential development of colder weather and winter related weather conditions towards the end of the year and into a New Year. Winter weather can affect us all in some way, including the impact it can have on travel and businesses to just every-day-life. Having that information and knowledge as to when winter weather may develop and to what extent can be very important and beneficial.

Here at UKWF we can provide a bespoke package to suit your needs. This could include access to our high-resolution models which, in conjunction with the analysis of experienced meteorologists, can provide accurate and important information. Our high-resolution models, for example, can provide information on snow accumulations, surface and air temperature, dew points and other winter related information.

We pride ourselves on not just being able to supply forecast information, but our team of meteorologists have years of experience when it comes to winter hazard forecasting and that combination of forecast model data and a personal touch from our meteorologists is invaluable.

If you or your company can be affected by winter weather and you think we could provide you with a high quality and cost-effective service then please get in touch via the form below. We look forward to being able to provide you with the information you want to help your business cope with the winter weather that can affect the UK.