Next weeks weather could be cracking – early bank holiday indications

Next week is looking pretty good for many areas with high pressure being the dominant feature and whilst it won’t be scorching UK wide some areas may see temperatures creeping into the low-mid twenties. The charts below show 850hpa temperatures and sea level pressure for Monday of next week. As can be clearly seen high pressure is in play and as a result winds will be light with temperatures responding nicely. The yellows and oranges on the 850hpa temperatures and sea level pressure chart represent milder upper air which has an affect on temperatures at the surface. Some of the weather models are indicating a slow change from the west/northwest with cooler air moving into the UK, however it has […]

Warming up this weekend…

High pressure will be the dominating feature this week leading to more in the way of dry, settled and fine weather. We do have the small matter of some rain across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Northern parts of England and Western areas Tuesday into Wednesday as we see a weakening frontal system plague these areas. There will also be cooler air moving into the northern half of the United Kingdom albeit temporarily.   The good news is high pressure will quickly reassert its self with long spells of sunshine, plenty of blue sky and warmer temperatures Thursday onwards and more so during the weekend period.   We may just see highs reach the low twenties widely this weekend. The charts below […]