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UK Summer Weather Forecast 2019 – Predictions

It is that time again, everyone is asking what this summer will bring. Us British are obsessed with the weather and most, not all, like to see a warm and settled summer. What does this summer have in store? Below I have my annual predictions, last years forecast couldn’t have gone any better, although I feel this years is a lot trickier looking at the signals.   My long range forecasts summarise each month by looking at temperature, pressure and precipitation¬†anomalies, you’ll find for each month expected precipitation and temperature, for example above average, average or below average. Above average in temperature signals warmer and at times hot weather and the same applies for precipitation. Above average precipitation means it …

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Signs of a warm up next week – Latest

It has been very miserable of late with low pressure in charge. The good news is that next week the weather starts to settle down and temperatures will start to rise. Nothing significant in terms of high temperatures are expected at the moment but a warm up is on the cards.   Whilst many areas see temperatures respond next week it is the most unlikely areas that will see the highest temperatures next week! Take a look at the maximum video animation below which covers maximum temperatures for the next 10 days. You can find the time at the top right of the video.       Lewis

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Low pressure dominating next week

  Low pressure is expected to dominate our weather next week as the Jetstream fires up, again! We’ll see spells of wet and at times windy weather across much of the United Kingdom throughout next week.   There is perhaps a glimmer of hope that as we head towards next weekend things may just settle down with a ridge of high pressure trying to develop from the south bringing slightly warmer conditions, however it is only a glimmer at the moment. Please find a video animation of sea level pressure and precipitation (rainfall) for next week using our high resolution model data further down this post.   I’m trying very hard to bring a full service back to the general …

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