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Beast from the East part 2 – How cold and how long will it last?

The latest model outputs continue to show much colder air being sourced all the way from Siberia moving into the United Kingdom this weekend. Initially the weather models had the colder air in the form of an easterly affecting the United Kingdom this Sunday into Monday of next week. The models have now brought the said event forward with the very cold air now expected to hit the United Kingdom this Saturday! Below is a chart from our GFS weather model.   Whilst there still remains some uncertainty with regards to how potent the easterly blast will be and how much snow will fall, what I can tell you is that based on the latest model output snow will be in the …

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Beast from the East part 2?

You may or may not have seen the reports in the media suggesting another beast from the east moving in to affect the United Kingdom this coming weekend. Whilst the weather models are hinting at the possibility there is still a little uncertainty with regards to the track and depth of the colder air being sourced all the way from Siberia.   What the weather models are suggesting is a large area of high pressure to develop over Scandinavia and with the Atlantic expected to quieten down and become blocked, the area of high pressure over Scandinavia may then open the gates to much colder air flooding in from Siberia, coming across the North Sea and impacting the United Kingdom. …

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