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Nationwide HEATWAVE next week? Or just turning very warm and locally hot?

Another day and yet more heatwave articles doing the rounds on Facebook, my newsfeed is full of them! Well you’ll be glad to know that the weather is improving significantly and by next week much of the UK is likely to be basking in glorious sunshine with the mercury rising, locally hot conditions may develop, particularly across central and southern areas.   What most of these click bait weather pages fail to forget (because lets be honest they’re not interested in factual weather information they’re just bothered about the £ sign rather than giving the UK public honest and reliable weather information) is that for each county of England there are temperature thresholds for true heatwave conditions and whilst next week …

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Storm Hector moves in overnight

Storm Hector moves in overnight and he’s expected to bring some unseasonably disruptive weather across northern parts of the United Kingdom.     A frontal system associated with the area of low pressure is currently affecting western and northern parts of the United Kingdom and will continue to push eastwards overnight.   The heaviest and most persistent rainfall will be west of the Pennines and across West & northwest Scotland. Precipitation (rain) will be patchier in nature on the southern extent of the frontal system.   Showers, heavy at times will also rattle in behind the frontal system to affect Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern and northwestern parts of England and western coasts in general during tomorrow.   The main emphasis …

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