A wet start across many northern areas to start the day, however, we’ll see the main bulk of wet weather across the north pull away eastwards by around mid-morning.

Further wet weather expected across Wales during the morning and yet more rainfall expected across the Pennines and central parts of England on and off throughout the morning and extending into the afternoon period.

The rain perhaps slow to clear parts of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, East Midlands and northern most parts of East Anglia and lasting throughout the day.

The best of the brightness across W/NW Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, we maintain a shower risk here, though mainly few and far between. Whilst some northern and western areas may see some brighter spells developing at times, for most it will be a cloudy day.

Maximums of 17c in the south-east of England with highs generally ranging from 9-14c for England and Wales. Temperatures will start to drop from the north-west as the day progresses with slightly cooler temperatures across the north, especially in Scotland.

You can find today’s rainfall, cloud cover, wind and temperature charts on the video animation below.