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Warmer from the south during the next couple of days. Showers in the north and northwest. Drier in the south and south-east today and tomorrow.

Wetter weather with a risk of thundery showers at times across the south for the weekend with the odd shower also expected tomorrow. Drier and settled further north during the weekend.

Good morning everyone, hope you’re all well on this fine start to the bank holiday across much of the United Kingdom.

A rather simple day of weather is expected for the majority, we just have the small matter of some showers developing across Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of N/NW England throughout the day, especially during the afternoon period.

Today we start on a dry and bright note, away from the extreme west/south-east of Northern Ireland where we see some patchy rain.

It was actually a rather chilly overnight period with a touch of frost across rural parts of inland Scotland. Temperatures away from the southern half of the United Kingdom widely dipped down too around 5-6c. For the majority, especially the further south you go, we’ll see a dry and increasingly warmer day.

Variable amounts of cloud cover bubbling up through the day but there will be plenty of brightness to be had. The cloud perhaps thick enough in Wales and central areas to produce the odd shower.

It will be a different story for parts of Scotland, especially W/NW/SW Scotland, Northern Ireland and N/NW England as through the day we’ll see showers bubble up. Some of these showers will be heavy and thundery at times. Especially in NW England, SW Scotland and the far N/NE of England.

As is always the case when it comes to showers, some areas will avoid them altogether yet 2 miles down the road could see a fair few.

North-west England certainly getting the main bulk of wet weather during the next 24 hours because tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow we’ll see some moderate and perhaps at times heavy rainfall developing across the region. This area perhaps extending as far south to affect northern parts of Wales and north into northern parts of England.

Tomorrow a similar day with the main shower threat expected across northern and northwestern areas, however, we’ll also see the risk of some heavy and thundery showers developing in the west, including Wales and also the risk of some rainfall developing across more central parts of England, though mainly patchy and light in nature.

Today’s temperatures up slightly than of late with the warmest temperatures expected across the southern half of the United Kingdom, more so for inland parts of the south and central areas in general, with highs here ranging from 18-21c.

Slightly cooler for northern and western areas, especially during any showers. Sheltered northern and northeastern areas still feeling pleasant in any sunshine. Winds remain light and generally from the S/SSE.

Have a great Bank Holiday Thursday.

Today’s weather in video