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UK Weather Forecast – 10th May 2022

Overnight frontal system clearing the east and south-east this morning. The United Kingdom is now in a slightly fresher flow under low pressure. A showery regime expected for northern and western areas, especially Scotland. Rain moving across southern and central areas, also pushing into East Anglia on Wednesday.

Higher pressure developing from the south Thursday into Friday and by the weekend high pressure will establish across the United Kingdom.

Good morning,

A north/south split to start the morning with the cooler temperatures across northern and northeastern parts of Scotland and much milder temperatures across the southern half of the United Kingdom. An example being 5c in the north-east of Scotland and 17c in the south-east!

That is some temperature difference!The overnight system that brought a spell of wet weather to much of England is now clearing the east and south-east of England.

Once again, the system became increasingly patchy in nature as it moved into eastern and south-eastern areas, so whilst there was some rainfall, it really didn’t amount to much. The United Kingdom is now generally under low pressure with a showery regime, despite the risk of a few showers popping up just about anywhere in the United Kingdom today.

We’ll see the main bulk reserved for the far north, where pressure is certainly lower, especially northern Ireland and Scotland where through the day we’ll see showers, some of which will be on the heavy and thundery side at times, merging together to bring longer spells of rain.

Cloud cover and left over patchy pockets of rain is the theme for England and Wales this morning, with some further rainfall moving across the south this morning and clearing to the east through the morning.

Whilst it will be cooler for Wales and generally fresher for northern and western areas, we’ll see more in the way of brightness developing through the day with just the odd shower here and there.

Central, southern, eastern and south-eastern parts of England certainly fairing best today not only with the general weather but also temperatures. Highs of 17-18c are to be expected widely with temperatures pushing 19-21c in the extreme east and also the south-east of England, which can be seen on the temperatures charts attached to this post.

Temperatures cooler for western and northern areas with highs ranging from 12-15c, struggling where we see more persistent showers or general rainfall .Winds predominantly from the WSW, generally light to moderate at times, especially across western coasts. That’s today’s weather.

Have a great day whatever the weather. You can find the weather in video animation at the bottom of this post/below.


Weather in video