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UK Weather Forecast – 12th May 2022

Low pressure generally in charge, certainly lower the further north with slightly higher pressure across the southern half of the United Kingdom.
This slight deviation in pressure will lead to less in the way of shower activity across the southern half of the United Kingdom with showers and longer spells of rain developing throughout today and into tonight across the north.

A trend to higher pressure across the United Kingdom as we head towards the weekend.

Turning warm and humid with the risk of thunderstorms to start next week.

A much better start to the day across the United Kingdom compared to yesterday with more in the way of clearer spells and dry weather. Still a few light showers across the far north, Scotland and Northern Ireland for example, where here we’ll see further showers and some longer spells of rain through the day, especially during tonight.

It is a chillier start across the south and south-east with temperatures dipping down to +4c locally, though most seeing 7-8c. Today we’ll see more in the way of brightness for England and Wales with variable amounts of cloud cover at times. The odd mainly light shower possible for NW England, Wales and SW England with the outside chance of one or two developing further inland.

Though the general emphasis is on a fresher feel to the weather in terms of temperatures for western areas, with the slightly higher temperatures expected in the east and south-east of England.

Tonight we see the shower risk continue across northern areas, perhaps becoming more frequent into northern parts of England. Showers merging together to bring longer spells of rain in Scotland.

Temperatures in the north and west ranging from 12-15c. Much cooler in the north and north-west of Scotland and Northern Ireland with 10-13c. We’ll see temperatures ranging from 15-17c widely across central, eastern and south-eastern parts of England. Locally pushing 18/19c in the east and south-east.

Winds remain light inland, fresh to moderate at times along western coasts.

That’s today’s weather. Have a great day, whatever the weather.

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