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Low pressure in charge. Overnight rain clearing the east with showers in behind. The showers heavy and thundery today, especially across eastern and south-eastern parts of the United Kingdom.

Fresher conditions continuing, especially in the west and north-west with low pressure dominating until the end of the working week. High pressure establishing as we head into Friday and the weekend period settling the weather down.


Showers from the word go across many parts of the United Kingdom this morning. Rain in the east and south-east gradually clearing with brighter spells developing.

Throughout today we’ll maintain a shower risk across the United Kingdom, where most frequent, some of you will think it’s April and not the end of May. The showers most frequent in northern and western areas, however, we will see brighter weather in-between showers with some places avoiding them altogether.

As we go into the afternoon period and towards this evening we’ll see the showers really pepping up across central, eastern and southeastern areas with thundery showers expected at times.

The heaviest and the greatest threat of thunder will be across those central, eastern and south-eastern areas. Despite the shower risk, Wales and SW England seeing a better day, though feeling fresher than of late.

Temperatures ranging from 14-17c widely, perhaps the odd spot in the south reaching 18c locally. Winds generally light and from the west, perhaps fresher at times for Irish sea coasts and the north.

That’s today’s weather. Have a great day, whatever the weather.