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Welcome to our new service, providing businesses with bespoke weather information twice weekly and with severe weather information well in advance. If any severe weather is likely to impact the United Kingdom which may affect your business you will be the first to know via our service.

Our starter package includes the following services;

Weather Forecasts

We can provide location specific forecasts for the whole of the UK across a range of timeframes. You are able to specify a whole range of parameters to meet your requirements, and can even specify larger regions for the forecast to cover. Our chief meteorologist, Matthew Hugo, who has years of forecasting experience has worked alongside some of the largest and most well known companies/organisations, will compile an analysis document twice weekly. This document will also contain information for the specific location/city/town you require.  An example is below.


Download sample .pdf

Winter Specialist Forecasts

This package also covers the winter months to alert you to the risk of ice, snow and any other severe winter weather that may affect your business. Forecasts can cover frost risk for gritting purposes and snow outlooks to allow you to avoid disruption, stock particular specialist winter items, or even just to keep your company’s fleet moving.


Specialist weather model access

As part of this package you will have access to the UK’s highest resolution weather models. Our models provide in-depth forecast variables to resolutions of 10km out to 5 days and 3km out to 48 hours. We have over 16 variables, for example;  Precipitation type (whether it will rain or snow),  Rainfall, Wind/Wind gusts, Pressure + Precipitation, Temperature and Dew point, Accumulated precipitation (mm) and snow depth (cm)
Our 3km high-resolution model showing rainfall across Scotland.

Our 3km high-resolution model showing rainfall across Scotland.

Severe weather alerts + telephone call

If severe weather is expected in your location, we’ll send you an e-mail with a full analysis, following up with a phone call explaining the risk of severe weather. If you have any concerns our forecasters will be happy to help.  

Cost of our service

The cost of this service is £80 per month. There is no contract, although we require a notice period of one month if you decide to cancel your service. For a limited time only, we’re offering the first month for £50.

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