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UKWF is proud to be sponsored by Mudcontrol Ltd.

Mudcontrol Ltd is committed to supplying ecologically sound, heavy duty, durable products made from 100% recycled domestic plastic material (drinks bottles, plastic bags etc), Playground Certified, with a rock solid 20 year warranty.

MUDCONTROL slabs are revolutionary – a simple D.I.Y. way to create instant, removable hard-standing for people, animals and vehicles (they’re rated to 60 tonnes) anywhere there’s a mud problem.

If you need instant ground protection to create solid pathways, driveways, storage areas, gateways, or any other outdoor flooring areas quickly and easily with minimal mess and disturbance, MUDCONTROL slabs are the answer.

Each slab measures 50cm x 50cm x 5.3cm and weighs 7kg (1 stone). They interlink with adjacent slabs to provide a stable, self-supporting, free-draining surface, either temporary or permanent. They won’t sink, even on terrible mud, including heavy clay.

Mudcontrol fencing is made from a slightly different version of the same material. 100% recycled plastic, inert and stable, with a 20 year warranty. There are lengths from 85cm to 6m, diameters from 4.5cm to 25cm, square, round or cross posts, plus rails, boards and many other products. The posts can be installed by hand or by machine and stapled, nailed or screwed into just like wood.

Please check out the website at, the Facebook page @mudcontrol, @mudcontrol on YouTube, or contact us via the website to discuss your requirements, or for a free no-obligation quotation.