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Low pressure in charge with showers, merging together at times to bring longer spells of rain to Northern Ireland and Scotland, some of these heavy and thundery at times. A shortwave and associated front tracks ENE across the southern half of the United Kingdom through today.

Many parts of the extreme south and south-east avoiding the main bulk of rainfall and staying mainly dry.Higher pressure starts to develop to the south tomorrow and into Friday with high pressure in play across the United Kingdom by the weekend.


Good morning,

It is a wet start for Scotland with showers merging together to bring longer spells of rain this morning. Some of these on the heavy side. Showers continue for Northern Ireland, much lighter and few and far between to start but through the day we’ll see further heavier showers developing.

Come south into England and Wales and away from parts of the far north of England where it’s mainly dry, we’ve rain affecting NW England. Wales, SW England, W Midlands and it is currently moving into central southern and eastern parts of England.

The heaviest rainfall is currently affecting parts of NW England and S Wales. Throughout the morning we’ll see further moderate to heavy pulses from the south-west feeding ENE into the system. The extreme south and south-east; Sussex, London, Kent and Essex for example should avoid the majority of the rainfall today with just the odd patchy pocket of rain here and there.

But for these areas the general emphasis will be on drier weather with variable amounts of cloud cover, there will be some brightness at times with gusty winds. The rain will continue to affect many central and eastern areas through the day.

Conditions eventually improving into the afternoon period for parts of Wales and SW England where here we’ll see some brighter spells of weather developing, though maintaining the risk of a few showers here and there.

We’ll see the system eventually start to break up from the west this afternoon, though still bringing wet weather to parts of Lincolnshire, East Midlands and northern most parts of East Anglia and around the Wash, it will clear these areas later in the day, looking more than likely around the early evening period. Shower risk continues across Scotland and Northern Ireland today with brighter spells in-between. Some of the showers may be on the heavy and thundery side.

Temperatures certainly varied across the United Kingdom today. Where we avoid the rainfall in the extreme south-east and if we see some brighter spells then 17-18c can be expected.

During any rainfall temperatures suppressed with highs of 11-14c. Though when rain clears, in-behind temperatures will respond a little with highs pushing 15-16c.

Cooler in the far north and north-west with highs ranging from 9-13c.Winds remain fresh to moderate across the United Kingdom. Gusty at times along channel coasts of S and SE England with gusts pushing 35-40mph for a time.